11 July 2023

Smart Label Trail helps traditional Label Converters to seize the opportunity of RFID Label Market

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Labelexpo Asia 2023, to be held in Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) on December 5-8 will feature the first Smart Label Trail in four years, to give converters insight into RFID label industry trends and practice.

China is the main producer of ultra-high frequency RFID labels, with production accounting for approximately 80% of the global market share. In 2021, the production of ultra-high frequency labels in China reached 16.8 billion pieces.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligent manufacturing, new retail and other fields, ultra-high frequency RFID has been widely used and promoted in all walks of life, driving the growing demand for RFID labels.

As the largest professional exhibition in label and flexible packaging printing technology in the Asia Pacific region, Labelexpo Asia not only focuses on the entire label industry chain, but also delves into various vertical fields.

In view of the growing market demand for RFID labels, Labelexpo Asia are upgrading its Smart Label Zone to Smart Label Trail, focusing on the latest achievements in the field of RFID label processing in the past four years.

Smart Label Trail was first launched at Labelexpo Asia 2017 and as a special highlight of the exhibition, Smart Label Trail was featured again at Labelexpo Asia 2019. Following positive feedback,14.95% of the 23,636 professional visitors of Labelexpo Asia 2017 expressed great interest in smart labels/packaging.

“This year, Smart Label Trail is no longer presented as zone only. The Trail will deeply focus on the innovative development and application of RFID labels via a variety of activities, including special zone exhibitions, multi-point displays, and conference, key in the products, technologies, and services related to the entire process of RFID label manufacturing.” explains Kevin Liu, China Project Director of Labelexpo Global Series.Continued Liu, “Manufacturers of chips, bonding devices, detection systems, desktop printing devices, laminating devices, processors of RFID label materials, as well as suppliers of data recognition systems and integrated solutions are actively contacting us for a booth. At the same time, relying on our rich resources of converters and brand owners accumulated via exhibitions and live streaming, we expect to have over 20,000 professional visitors from both home and abroad, including famous brand owners, label converters, system solution providers, etc. They will inject new inspiration into the Smart Label Trail.”

Labelexpo Asia 2023 also features a dedicated forum on RFID Smart Label innovation. Initial topics include: RFID technology helping supply chain transformation and upgrading, RFID technology application and development, RFID UHF standard development status and label performance testing, rapid order production and management of RFID smart labels, RFID technology upgrading and application breakthroughs.

Commented Lisa Milburn, managing director Labelexpo Global Series, “As a global professional exhibition in the field of labeling, packaging and printing, we have been committed to leading the development of the industry and enhancing its image. Smart Label Trail is dedicated for the rapidly developing RFID label market in China.

“We hope to bring face-to-face communication with equipment suppliers and material processors for brand owners, label converters, and RFID system solution suppliers through special zone exhibitions, multi-point displays, conference, and various social networking activities, to help them quickly seize the market and achieve more successful development in the future .”