Features and schedules

In addition to the hundreds of new product launches and live demonstrations, the show will also include feature areas that focus on fast-growing parts of the industry.

The summit will analyze the current supply and demand situation of domestic and foreign label and flexible packaging markets.

This master class provides label converters and industry suppliers with information about the environment, sustainability, and waste debate as it affects the label industry.

Understand the nature and construction of self-adhesive laminates, how they are made, the importance of materials, and the need for different adhesives. 

The Digital Pouch Factory will present various possibilities in value-added services for flexible packaging including printing, lamination, folding and much more.

Experience technological developments in the field of RFID label processing and discover the latest insights in RFID label trends and practice.  

This forum will focus on the innovative development and application of smart labels, helping you lead a new future of intelligent development.

The AWA Label & Release Liner Industry Seminar China is the key platform for anyone associated with the pressure-sensitive Label and Release liner market

Celebrate and recognize the organisations and individuals in China who have excelled in the label and package printing sector at the Label Industry China Awards