02 September 2019

Winbosc to unveil CloudHybrid label printer

Click on image to download high resolution version

Winbosc will unveil its CloudHybrid RG Series Digital Inkjet Label Printer (pictured) at Labelexpo Asia 2019.

The CloudHybrid RG series combines inkjet and multiple conventional processes, and has many functions, such as corona, undercoat and white ink, UV white ink + four-color UV printing, partial and full-plate polishing, spot-color printing, cold-pressing, and film-coating. It can be customized according to the user’s needs, adding different modules such as die-cutting, waste removal and double roll-up. Particularly noteworthy is the addition of a flexo printing unit to the CloudHybrid RG series products, and the separation of die cutting, waste disposal and other finishing units.

The printing width is 330 mm, and the fastest printing speed can reach 76 m/min. It can realize the following functions in-line: adding 700 mm diameter unit, dust removal device unit module, corona unit, flexographic unit module before printing; adding flexographic unit module, cold foiling stripping unit, film coating unit, intermittent and continuous die cutting unit module, cutting back, discharging module and material collecting device after printing.

Those pre-press and post-press devices combine with digital printing to form an integrated production line with corona, base oil to increase ink adhesion, full-plate and partial white ink, UV white ink + CMYK UV printing, partial and full-plate polishing, spot-color printing, cold foiling, film coating, die cutting, scrap removal, and roll-up functions.



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