02 September 2019

Wanjie to showcase offset intermittent label printing press

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Hebei Wanjie Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. will display the WJPS350 shaftless PS intermittent label printing press (pictured) at Labelexpo Asia 2019, stand E2 F45.

This printer offers a combination of Japanese offset printing technology and Wanjie’s intermittent rotary technology. Features include:

Control system: The main control part of the machine adopts imported electrical components, and the CPU uses a DOS system to control the pulling and feeding servo. The calculation speed is fast, accurate, and the operation is convenient and fast, which can ensure long-term reliable operation.

Shaftless drive: The machine adopts high-power Japanese Yaskawa servo motor drive, which avoids the problem of low servo power and makes the machine run under high load. Although the cost of printing mechanism increases, it ensures the machine can run at high speed, precisely and steadily.

Alignment system: As long as the printing length is input on the console, each unit will automatically shift to the preset position; the space, horizon and skew alignment of each printing unit are controlled by a single motor on the touch screen.

Printing unit: The machine adopts advanced American ink in order to fully guarantee the brightness of printing products. The low-speed differential water supply system pioneered in China effectively ensures the balance of ink and color stability under high and low speed conditions. The water supply ink achieves the classical structure of ink-water integration through the bridge roll on the first plate-laying roll, which makes ink achieve pre-balance and greatly reduces the waste of paper. The use of floating plate-relief roll, a first in China, effectively prevents ink poles and ghosts the production of film and paper; it can be printed easily.

Lubrication system: The machine adopts computer automatic forced circulation oil supply system, which ensures the operation accuracy and life of the equipment.



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