25 July 2018

Telstar Is #1 Worldwide for Label Press Retrofits

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Add reliable Flexo, Cast & Cure Holographics, Cold Foil, Digital, Folding & Turnbars, exclusive Hot Melt Pattern/Slot, Nips, Servo, Laminating, Rewind/Unwind, Rotary Die & Screen, Conveyors, plus our versatile DecoMod MultiDecorator UV+ Decorating System.

ServoGenius tech includes re-engineering and upgrading mechanical presses for better efficiency and operation performance. We build custom full-frame Converting Presses for the most challenging production jobs. CadToGo Onsite Engineering assures fast installs on any new or veteran press brand. Our in-house Test Press is used for both pre-shipping quality checks as well as  assessment of new substrates, inks, varnishes, coatings and more.  See our website for the biggest line of press and business enhancing equipment apps …



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