10 October 2019

Rhyguan to display post-press processing solutions

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Rhyguan will exhibit a variety of post-press processing solutions at Labelexpo Asia 2019. This includes TOP-330-PLUS-2 polishing, intermittent die-cutting system and combined flat screen post-press, as follows:

The Rhyguan TOP-330-PLUS-2 polishing, intermittent die-cutting system (pictured) is a machine for cost efficient, high quality converting and finishing. It features winding, cold foiling, super varnishing, flexo printing, semi/full rotary die cutting, IML system, slitting and sheeting.


1: Fully servo driven, close loop tension control, make machine more stable;

2: Maximum speed up to 60m/min-90m/min, good for big orders;

3: Flexo registration up to ±0.15mm;

4: Noiseless and non-vibration;

5: Semi flexo together with semi die cut, good for short and quick orders, works as off line converting machine for digital printing machine;

6: Semi flexo together with semi die cut, suitable for mass production.

The Rhyguan flatbed silk screen label converting solution combines close-loop tension control, web guide, flatbed die cutting module (can also do flatbed hot stamping), hologram register, flatbed silk screen(can do varnish and silk printing), semi/full rotary flexo printing, semi/full rotary die cutting and slitting together into one machine. It has the advantages of easy operation, strong adaptability and high production efficiency.


1: Roll to roll silk screen makes the job more efficient, thick ink lends a 3D effect;

2: Unwinder with fully servo driven closed loop tension control. Electronic web guide with ultrasonic edge guide sensor, easy to operate, minimizes waste;

3: Internet fault diagnostics;

4: Modular design, can be combined together with varnishing, die cutting, hot stamping, slitting, good to make wine labels;

5: One single pass, improving the finishing quality, ensuring better results and better productivity for converters.





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