12 October 2021

Packaging Printing Committee of China Packaging Federation (CPF) Cooperation with Labelexpo Asia 2021

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Labelexpo Asia, part of the Labelexpo Global Series, has been running for two decades as the largest dedicated show for label and package printers in the Asian-Pacific region. Since 2020, Labelexpo Asia in Shanghai and Labelexpo South China in Shenzhen have been alternately held once a year aiding in the industrial and technological growth of label printing in China and the Asian-Pacific region.

Labels and packaging, two major branches in the printing industry, are in effect closely connected. In recent years, these branches are getting closer, especially in the flexible packaging arena and both can learn and benefit from each other in small batches, sustainability, automation, and other aspects. As a result, Tarsus Group and Packaging Printing Committee of CPF, will hold the Industry Forum of Label and Packaging Printing China, alongside Labelexpo Asia 2021. The first Industry Forum of Label and Packaging Printing China will be held in Shanghai Parkyard Hotel on 6 December, the day before Labelexpo Asia, serving as a boost for industrial and technological growth in labels and package printing.

According to market research agency, Transparency Market Research, global flexible packaging reached 370 billion US dollars in 2019 and will rise to 535 billion, as compound annual growth rate (CAGR) is projected to be 5% from 2019 to 2027. As the second largest packaging nation, China’s flexible packaging, continues to erode the share of metal and plastic materials with top growth speed. The market scale of plastic flexible packaging is expected to be up to 111.39 billion yuan by 2022.

Despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic causing huge disruption to people’s livelihood and the economy worldwide, e-commerce and online shopping has experienced rapid growth, particularly in food and beverage products. In light of this, flexible packaging although still in the early stages, has a promising future.

Flexible packaging is mainly used for consumer goods in terminal markets including food, beverage, pharmaceuticals and daily chemicals. However, as lifestyle and spending habits change, retailers and the brands of these terminal markets demand shorter delivery time and more personalized products. Thus, the trend for diversification, small batches and build-to-order has posed unprecedented challenges to the label industry, as well as flexible packaging companies. Moreover, the plastic ban, circular economy and sustainable development continues to drive printing plants to work out biodegradable, recyclable and lightweight environmentally friendly labels and flexible packaging.

At production and processing levels, labels intersect and integrate with flexible packaging in many ways, including web-fed printing technology, web-fed flexographic printing, web-fed digital printing, post-press finishing, quality control and manufacturing execution systems (MES).

“In the near future, we will witness more label printing plants expanding to flexible packaging with medium and wide formats, as well as short and medium-term orders and more traditional flexible packaging printing plants to digital and flexographic printing. I believe this forum will bring brand new ideas to these enterprises. At Labelexpo Asia this year, many renowned suppliers like Weigang, Zonter, Hongsheng, and Spande will exhibit their wide-format flexographic or offset printing devices, helping label printing plants expand to flexible packaging and traditional flexible packaging printing plants transform from intaglio printing to flexographic or offset printing,” said Kevin Liu, Project Director (China) of Labelexpo Global Series of Tarsus Group.


Win-win Cooperation to Boost High-quality Growth of Label and Flexible Packaging

Recently, Tarsus Group announced its cooperation with the Packaging Printing Committee of CPF to jointly hold the Industry Forum of Labels and Packaging Printing China and to promote Labelexpo Asia in Shanghai and Labelexpo South China in Shenzhen, through integration of high-quality resources and the gathering of professionals in this field.

Professor Cao Guorong, Secretary-General of Packaging Printing Committee of CPF, said, “For 40 years the industry has witnessed the development of the Labelexpo Global Series of Tarsus Group. Given the close connection between labels and flexible packaging, and the opportunities and challenges it brings, we find it practical and significant to work with Tarsus. This Forum held in Shanghai Parkyard Hotel on December 6th will contain procedures like trendsetting, business cooperation, technology exchange, round-table dialogue, and social interaction. The first list of ‘China Label Printing Industry Ranking’ will also be disclosed at the Forum.”

CPF, one of the state-level industry federations authorized by the State Council, owns 25 specialty committees and nearly 6000 members nationwide while Packaging Printing Committee of CPF has more than 350 members, mainly from packaging and processing enterprises, 200 of whom are from the flexible packaging sector. In fact, their members include the most sophisticated, advanced and innovative packaging enterprises, making it an influential and reputable association within the industry.

In mid-October, Package Printing Committee of CPF will release more information on the Industry Forum of Label and Packaging Printing China 2021 (Shanghai). The Forum is expected to have professionals from over 500 label and flexible packaging enterprises – an important platform for deeper discussion and idea exchange, serving as an engine for intelligent, green, and innovative development in labels and flexible packaging and as a platform for communication and cooperation between enterprises in the upstream and downstream industry chains.


Pre-registration for Labelexpo Asia 2021 is open.
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